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Paper Street Cinema
Film Geek Extraordinaire.

Currently attending SFSU M.A. program in Cinema Studies.
2001: a space odyssey, 24, afi, akira kurosawa, alfred hitchcock, alyson hannigan, american psycho, angel, angel: the series, anne rice, ass cracks, banter, beck, biking, black hawk down, blur, brazil, bret easton ellis, buffy, buffy magazine, buffy reviews, buffy the vampire slayer, choke, chuck palahnuik, clippers basketball, concerts, cordelia's breasts, crimes and misdemeanors, critics, curb your enthusiasm, dave matthews band, david fincher, david lynch, director commentaries, drew goddard, dvds, elmore leonard, europe, evil willow, fake boobies, fellini, feminist criticism, fight club, film classes, film criticism, film critics, films, gene siskel, george costanza, hamlet, hating bruckheimer, hating christian rock, hating george w. bush, hating spielberg, hayao miyazaki, high noon, howard stern, hunter s. thompson, italian cinema, jamba juice, japanese anime, jewish chicks, joss whedon, lestat, livejournal, london, los angeles, marti noxon, martin scorsese, modern literature, movie reviews, movies, mozart, mp3s, mulholland drive, music, neil gaiman, nighttime, nine inch nails, oliver stone, out of sight, paper street cinema, psc, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, rachael leigh cook, radiohead, reading, roger ebert, seinfeld, sfx, spectrum magazine, spirited away, spiritualized, stanley kubrick, star wars trilogy, studio ghibli, sushi, terry gilliam, the bicycle thief, the flaming lips, the godfather trilogy, the seven samurai, top ten lists, trent reznor, vampires, vcds, waxing philosophical, weezer, wonder boys, woody allen, writing reviews